Visionary Founder’s Message

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E.P.I.C. Visionary Partners is a relatively new venture for E.P.I.C. Ventures, Incorporated. We are not the typical company structure, in that we are of God’s Kingdom structure. God’s business model is more than about making a profit. It is about using profits to expand the Kingdom Message of healing and deliverance to the world. It’s about using profits to expand the Blessing of the Lord throughout the earth. It’s about being fruitful in good works and multiply that fruitfulness in the lives of others. It’s about replenishing everything that is lacking in the lives of people everywhere. The Lord began gradually revealing this Kingdom concept to me almost thirty years ago. It was during a time, when I was more focused on becoming successful in television, broadcasting and film. I had some success, but I knew something was missing. During this time,  I was also introduced to the nonprofit world and began volunteering my time to help solve issues in local communities. I became frustrated with Christianity and church as usual. God had many promises, but I saw almost no manifestation. People in the church lived like those in the world. My family had been in ministry all my life. I began working in the church at nine years old. I saw so much pain and suffering, and yet Jesus taught about living an abundant life.  It made no sense to me. I had to question. What was the purpose for church? What was the purpose for my existence? Am I wasting my time with things that don’t matter?

I knew there was a greater purpose for my gifts and talents, but it was not made clear until 1996-97. In a series of visitations from the Lord, he explained why he created the earth and why Jesus came. As a Baptist, I was told it was about getting saved and reserving a place in Heaven. The Lord revealed that Christianity was being taught erroneously in America. It was not about going to Heaven, but about bringing Heaven to earth like it was in Adam’s day.  He revealed that it was about “Restoring God’s Ancient Kingdom Dynasty” in the earth. God also revealed that he had set aside an inheritance for his people here on earth, but no one was listening. God’s people are waiting to get an inheritance in Heaven, but that inheritance is here and now. Our earthly inheritance gives us dominion over pain, suffering and over all adverse circumstances of this world. This is the resurrection power of the Kingdom that we are called to manifest in this earth. According to the Prophet Daniel, God’s Kingdom will overthrow every kingdom of this world, and it will dominate forever (Daniel 2:44). For us, domination began when Jesus resurrected from the grave and gave the power of domination to his church. Again, this is our inheritance. Let me share with you just how serious this inheritance is for God. He made it plain to me in my book entitled, “Jesus Gave Us Power Over Death.” Here is a quote:

“The Lord reminded me of the great earthly dynasties of ancient China. They ruled with military and financial might, but they also ruled culture, business, technology and the arts. If an earthly kingdom did such, why would the church be offended because the Holy Spirit is calling his people to do the same for God’s Kingdom? Every great dynasty commissions the best artisans, painters, architects, musicians and literary artist to reflect the culture of the age; to leave behind a legacy of world achievements. This is the Kingdom Age. Why wouldn’t God expect the same for his kingdom?  . . .  Our Creator is infinitely creative. He has many products, services and witty inventions waiting to be designed, but his people don’t listen. He wants us to take over industries. He is raising up billionaires; industry giant slayers who will produce what he wants to see in this world. Why should God’s Kingdom go to the world for what it needs?”

Excerpt From: Paula Matthews. “Jesus Gave Us Power Over Death.”

This is the inheritance God has for his people, and as you can see, it includes a significant wealth transfer. God wants to give his people billions of dollars to expand the Kingdom in various industries. In the meantime, the world is crying out for the manifestation of the Sons of God. The economic systems of this world are suffering, but God has given the solution to his people. In Psalm 2, we are told to ask, and God would give us the nation as an inheritance and the earth as a possession. This is the same message Jesus gave when he told us to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel,” with signs and wonders following. Where are the signs? Where are the wonders? This was to be the proof of God’s love and promise for earth and all its people, but the Sons never took their inheritance and they refused to go into the world. Therefore, they could not display to the world who they were. The world is still waiting for that proof. Eternal Purpose In Christ (E.P.I.C.) Ventures, Incorporated is one manifestation called and ordained by God to provide proof of God’s Kingdom promise to the world. Ours is an apostolic call to bring the Body of Christ back to the true gospel message, while demonstrating the love of God through both our film projects and through our good works to communities and cities around the world. 

The Lord began speaking to me about E.P.I.C. Visionary Partners a year of so ago, long before E.P.I.C. Ventures became a viable entity. God expressed the importance of allowing others to take part in the supernatural grace (favor and anointing) that is upon our company. It is one thing to think about partnership when your company has visible success on a grand scale, but we were barely making it when God told me to set up partnership. He said that he was about to do such a great work in E.P.I.C. Ventures, that it would astound the world. My instruction from the Lord was to set up this partnership and allow others to receive the same powerful anointing upon their lives. Each partner is required to make a monthly contribution to E.P.I.C. Visionary Partner fund. There is no minimum amount. Give whatever God places upon your heart to give. In exchange, the Lord promises to take the same measure of success that is upon E.P.I.C. Ventures, and place it upon each E.P.I.C. Visionary Partner.

Please join us on what will prove to be the greatest supernatural ventures of a lifetime! 


Paula Matthews

Visionary Founder & CEO

Eternal Purpose In Christ (E.P.I.C.) Ventures, Inc.