Obedience Brings Overflowing Blessings

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“As Visionary Founder of E.P.I.C. Visionary Association, supernatural manifestations began the day I stepped out and offered the opportunity for others to join in what God is doing through my companies. Doors of tremendous opportunities immediately opened to me. It was also very important that I be the very first partner of this association. A day after contributing, the Lord began telling me to claim several multi-million dollar properties that I had seen a couple of years ago. The next day, he stated that he (God) was sending me $$$$ many millions of dollars. When I asked what it was for, the Lord said something I had not expected. He said, “You have done what I asked, now I have to fulfill my covenant with you.” When I obeyed God, he reciprocated by stating that money and property is coming because He (God) has a covenant to fulfill in my life. GOD IS AWESOME!” Paula Matthews, Visionary Founder __