Prophecy For Year 2018

Almighty God is calling 2018 “A Great Day Of Prosperity For The Body Of Christ.”

PROSPERITY has been poured out from Heaven. It is A MEGA INCREASE, now to manifest in the fullness of the GREATEST WEALTH TRANSFER this world has ever seen. Everybody and everything will return to it’s original owner (It’s a Jubilee), which is Almighty God (Psalm 24:1).

It’s a grand time of restoration. God’s people will be in charge of everything. The wealth will flourish in their hands, restoring the splendor and grandeur of Heaven all across this earth. This is Royalty At the Finest And Highest Level; a reflection of Heaven upon the earth; the Glory Of God manifested upon the lives of the Sons of God in wealth and power. KINGDOM ROYALTY RETURNS TO THE EARTH!

What about 2017? What happened to the Magnificent Increase prophesied? Why hasn’t manifested in the earth thus far? “Authority/leadership is out of order,” says God. Rebellion is blocking the flow from Heaven. “There is about to be A CORRECTION.” Destruction is coming to weed out the bad leaders and spring forth the obedient ones. This will be “TRIAL BY FIRE,” here on earth says God. New leaders will arise to the occasion as bad leaders fall!

It shall be like what happened in the wilderness. Those who refused to obey God, and refused to go in to possess the land — they dropped dead in the wilderness. Only the youth along with Caleb and Joshua went in and possessed their inheritances. So it shall be in this hour. Those who have attempted to stop God’s people from possessing their inheritances will be destroyed if they do not let them go. This is God’s final warning to the wicked! God will have the final word!