“It’s A Jubilee,” Says God

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God said, “What was stolen must be returned! It’s a Jubilee!” God has declared a time It is a time that God established for His People to be set free from slavery, all debts were cancelled, and their property returned to them. Here is what God is saying about America. Why now? Jesus is about to return to earth. Everything must be restored before Jesus can return (Acts 3:21). The Lord gave me a strong word about what America has to do in this season. The Holy Spirit said that, “America owes God’s people four hundred years of recompense (from 1620-2016). In addition, there is recompense due for everyone injured or enslaved, whether Black, Hispanic, Asian or Native American; for every person America enslaved, misused and abused, regardless of race, in order to perpetuate the power and greed of this nation. This is the hour of God’s vengeance for all who are standing on their covenant. The Lord will be handing out recompense commensurate with every incident that prevented His people from serving Him.”

Jubilee comes every fifty (50) years. God has declared this season to be the “Grand finale before Jesus returns.” The next Jubilee (2067), may very well be the year that ushers in the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. That would be The Jubilee Of Jubilees!