“Faith Is A Magnet” (Prophecy)

“In a vision, something exploded upon the earth. It was some sort of devastation happening in the earth. Then I saw the strangest things. Houses were going directly to specific people. What made these people different from others? These where those who had heard and believed the voice of God. These people did not have to go find houses. The houses came directly to them. They came straight to those who had believed God, and whom called forth the houses. In fact the houses obeyed the words of those who called them forth. If that was not strange enough;the world seemed to be acting like a gi­gantic magnet that brought together the promise with those who had faith enough to believe what God had told them. A closer look proved that it was not the earth acting alone,but the earth was under the magnetism of faith. Without faith, the earth would have never moved, but what I saw was greater than what the earth could have ever done on its own. There were many homes re­leased;shaken loose in the explosion that had occurred was as if these homes were being released from bond­age.”

The destination of these homes was quite evident.They went only to those who believed God. It was a shaking . . . a loosening . . . a shake down of proper­ty and wealth, but it was only flowing to household of faith. It was a great wealth transfer to the Body of Christ.


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